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Best name for a cat:


If you try to pick him up, and he scratches you, you're not worthy.

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#Arizona petition drive to refer the stealing from the childre, giving to the rich and mask prohibiting budget to the ballot

A coalition created #InvestInAZ and needs 120k voter signatures by September 28th

Listing of petition signing events:

The budget forbids schools from requiring masks, even elementary schools where none of the students are old enough to get the vaccine

it also creates a loophole in the #INVESTinED proposition passed by the people


The big takeaway:

is switching from a Debian base to an Arch base.

Either way, ftw

I love that on Unix-like systems you can back up and restore entire hard disks with the "dd" command

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Fuck anti-vaxxers.

Seriously, fuck all of you and the horse you rode in on.


COVID-19, politics 

Lest people forget, we are still in the middle of a deadly pandemic where a significant portion of the population (children) *cannot* get vaccinated (nevermind the *will not* portion)

And yet, shit like this is happening thanks to ignorance and stupidity from our elected officials:

Biggest change to using is getting used to YaST. Not sure I like it yet, but i'm giving it a fair shake.

Also its a weird feeling when the flatpak version of software is better than the distro version, even on a rolling release distro.

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The constant framing of [gestures vaguely to everything going on] as a "2020 thing" sure is setting everyone up to get blindsided by how bad things still are gonna be once 2021 rolls around

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Also hey, anyone around these parts like Master Boot Record? New MP3 warez uploaded

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OK, lets see how you do on my machine. :opensuse:

Going to give Tumbleweed a try.

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@matt That is a turn-off about the upcoming Debian 11 release. I'm used to GNOME 40 now and don't want to go back.
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What office suite is good to use in a terminal environment on Linux?

When I say office suite, I mean an equivalent to LibreOffice.

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The motto of some mathematicians: there's always a bigger number.

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climate change 

Fuck climate change deniers.

As far as I'm concerned they are as cancerous as anti-vaxxers and stop-the-steal fuckers

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