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Basically if a product has a warranty on it, the warranty service must be provided free of charge, and without condition. Normally associated with automobiles, but also applies to consumer electronics.

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@ajroach42 Oh *** great; now I'm going to go to bed with the Muppet's theme tune in my head....

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@kingannoy this Star Dynamic field phone was in the hackerspace junk pile and I wish I had a good application for it.

@omnipotens they refuse to honor warranty repairs without paying for it? That's a Magnusson-Moss violation if I ever heard it.

@tulpa @frank also that's just Firefox. We still have Gnome web browser, Chromium, etc, that are basically not maintained.

@tulpa @frank definitely good for the current Stable (Bullseye I believe?). However we will just be back in the same problem space with Bookworm

@frank it's a real shame too because I really do like Debian as an OS and what the Debian project does for Linux and FOSS.

@frank indeed. Debian Stable out of the box is just not suitable as a modern desktop OS at this point. To make it halfway usable you basically need backported flatpak (due to the flatpak API being semi-rolling) and snapd (same issue as flatpak), which defeats the purpose of using Debian in the first place imo.


I think I finally found my favorite Bible verse

Proverbs 17:16

Why should fools have money in hand to buy wisdom, when they are not able to understand it?

@frank it's not just Firefox that's the problem on Debian.

@welshpixie Dang, thats hotter than even Arizona this time of year.

NFTs and cryptocurrency 

Something something fools something something money something something parted

And its not the first time that Debian Stable has fallen behind the curve wrt web browser security, honestly. Seems like every Debian Stable does this.

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The webbrowser fiasco is kind of a big deal, if you ask me.

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I wish I had more free time, I really want to learn C# right now.

Alright @elementary after listening to the latest Linux After Dark, I'm gonna go give you guys a try again on my laptop.

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