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is out. It lets you make your own religion.

I'm going to make a technocratic cult that worships penguins

@bluzeo I'd say the Omen computer simply because it has a gaming GPU in it.

However, you want to make sure it has 32 GB ram and ample disk space.

Best name for a cat:


If you try to pick him up, and he scratches you, you're not worthy.

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#Arizona petition drive to refer the stealing from the childre, giving to the rich and mask prohibiting budget to the ballot

A coalition created #InvestInAZ and needs 120k voter signatures by September 28th

Listing of petition signing events:

The budget forbids schools from requiring masks, even elementary schools where none of the students are old enough to get the vaccine

it also creates a loophole in the #INVESTinED proposition passed by the people


The big takeaway:

is switching from a Debian base to an Arch base.

Either way, ftw

COVID-19, politics 

@lufthans I haven't heard anything on petitions or referendums, no. I'd sign it if I did though

I love that on Unix-like systems you can back up and restore entire hard disks with the "dd" command

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@SolusSpider every geek should know that 42 is non-binary.

It's base 13

Fuck anti-vaxxers.

Seriously, fuck all of you and the horse you rode in on.


COVID-19, politics 

@codythedragonrude Dude, don't troll, OK?

The facts: COVID-19 vaccines specifically have a low incidence of adverse side effects of any kind (beyond what any other vaccine out there provides).

The incidence of death or hospitalization due to the vaccine itself are lower than COVID-19:

COVID-19, politics 

@codythedragonrude Statistically, the odds of dying to a vaccine itself, and not the disease it is designed to prevent, are next to zero. But not zero.

I'll take my chances without a second thought.

COVID-19, politics Minor correction:

As soon as the COVID-19 vaccines are authorized for use in children, either generally or via the EUA, my children will be receiving it immediately.

Me and my wife received ours months ago as soon as it was possible to receive them.

What is the EUA? You know, the emergency use authorization. That thing that says that we are in desperate times and we don't have time for a 15-20 year standard vaccine trial.

COVID-19, politics
The long term health effects of contracting COVID-19 are much, much worse than any kind of mental or psychological damage to wearing a face mask, of which there is none.

Who knows, my kids' generation might make it socially normal to wear one in public when sick, or even stigmatize you if you DON'T. You know, like in East Asia where this is the norm.

If thats the price we way, I can sleep soundly at night knowing my kids will have it better than us.

COVID-19, politics And it doesn't take a scientist to know that children are a lot more accepting of the idea of face masks to prevent COVID-19 than most adults. To them it's just normal and something you do, liike putting shoes on.

COVID-19, politics and before you preach hydroxychloroquine or ivermctin, maybe you should read up on actual international medical research studies:

HCQ: "had no significant effect "

Ivermectin: "not statistically significant"

As they say, the best treatment is prevention.

COVID-19, politics As far as COVID-19 vaccines go, that's what clinical trials are for.

I'm not willing to subject my children to clinical trials, but I'm grateful for parents that are. Those parents are making a bigger sacrifice and a bigger risk, and society at large owes them a bigger debt than we can possibly pay back.

As soon as vaccines for COVID-19 are authorized for general use, my kids will be receiving them immediately.

COVID-19, politics Bullshit. Don't preach your lies and misinformation to me, it won't work.

COVID-19 is just as serious in children as it is in adults.

The reason it hasn't spread through children as much is because of *effective* social distancing measures, face mask policies in schools, and because children are much, much, much easier to isolate from the general population than adults (you know, because children have nowhere they need to go except school)

@52fighters sorry, but Solus is not on my list of distros I will be using, for a variety of reasons.

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