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Lest people forget, we are still in the middle of a deadly pandemic where a significant portion of the population (children) *cannot* get vaccinated (nevermind the *will not* portion)

And yet, shit like this is happening thanks to ignorance and stupidity from our elected officials:

@friend RetroArch is just one example of the Flatpak version just being better.

Version number doesn't always have anything to do with it.

@friend Referring to RetroArch in particular, and this is common across many distros. Distro provided versions of RetroArch are often hobbled, unable to install the emulation cores and other features you want, and must rely on the distro default choices, which are often poor

The Flatpak version, OTOH, isn't restricted like this

It's not just OpenSUSE that has this problem with Retroarch either. Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc., All do this.

Biggest change to using is getting used to YaST. Not sure I like it yet, but i'm giving it a fair shake.

Also its a weird feeling when the flatpak version of software is better than the distro version, even on a rolling release distro.

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The constant framing of [gestures vaguely to everything going on] as a "2020 thing" sure is setting everyone up to get blindsided by how bad things still are gonna be once 2021 rolls around

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Also hey, anyone around these parts like Master Boot Record? New MP3 warez uploaded

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OK, lets see how you do on my machine. :opensuse:

Going to give Tumbleweed a try.

@codythedragonrude i don't know what you mean. Gnome 40 vanilla is very, very good, and usable OOTB.

@yojimbo @blit32 I remember using WordPerfect back in the early '90s. My 10 year old self could barely comprehend the power behind it, but back then it was about as good as it got.

I'm not even sure modern word processors are as good. Sure there's WYSIWYG, but that's about it.

@Crazypedia I like "too many chefs in the kitchen" over "Too many bosses"

@hannibal_ad_portas wordgrinder is exactly what I was looking for! At least for word processing.

Anything for spreadsheets or presentations?

@yojimbo @blit32 I'm looking for something reminiscent of WordPerfect 5 from the DOS era.

It's more of a "can I do it?" As opposed to "I need to do it"

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What office suite is good to use in a terminal environment on Linux?

When I say office suite, I mean an equivalent to LibreOffice.


I'm playing a wait and see approach.

However, Secureboot and TPM isn't the end of the world by any stretch (most of the major Linux distros support Secureboot and TPM already). The purpose of this tech isn't to prevent installing your own OS, its to prevent the existing OS from getting corrupted and infected at the bootloader level by malware. You very much WANT this, even for Linux.

Besides, no one sued over vendor-locked bootloaders on PCs as far as I know.

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