@OpenComputeDesign mostly American.

But lately, shows meant for streaming, and not traditional TV, dont suffer what you describe. They have other problems with plot and pacing that are even worse.

I think I figured out what I hate about modern TV shows:

They suffer from a lack of "Get to the point"

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@omnipotens I'm hopeful for the AB employees actually being treated decently.

Kind of mixed about gaming as a whole though.

I love XKCD 

Happened upon this oldie. Still relevant

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Every time I get an unsolicited text message asking to buy my house, I up the asking price, waiting for someone to accept.

Currently up to about 3 mega Euros.

(I'm in Arizona)

re: Email 

@tulpa I'm more thinking about the service itself going belly up.

Ie what is the risk that Protonmail will suddenly cease to exist with zero warning? What if Tutanota has to file bankruptcy and sell off their service? Things like that.


Don't get me wrong, I like Protonmail, and I like my current provider Mailfence, but I wonder if they will still be around in 5 years.

It's less of an issue for me to change email addresses, since I use my own domain, and I can change providers if needed. My risk model is domain name theft or gov't seizure, and if the latter happens I'm probably in deep shit to begin with.

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Serious responses only please, and let's ignore privacy for sake of argument.

Are there any email providers these days besides Google and Microsoft that are NOT at risk of going belly up or having their email systems utterly collapse?

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@matt brb, going to go mint this on the block chain

@frank also don't get me wrong, Codium is good, if a bit bloated.

@frank gave it a glowing review despite the not-FOSS.

Honestly, it's not bad for what it is

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Giving a try over VS .

Not sure I like it yet, but I'll give it a fair shake.

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