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An interesting thing to consider:

The website exists to help shield people from government surveillance by recommending only free and open source software.

Of the many distros, they ONLY recommend and as being completely free software, easy to use, and widely supported.

, , and other distros are not recommended for various reasons

If you play , I have made a Club for fans:

[TUX] Linux Rocks

Shoot me a RocketID Friend Invite and I'll invite you to the club. Please send me a message on Mastodon too so I know to look for it.


(P.S. fans are welcome too)

What is everyone's thoughts on hobbyist, less well known, and generally smaller distros?

I'm not talking distros like Debian or Fedora or the Ubuntus, or even Slackware.

I'm talking things like , , , , , or . Smaller distros that base off of a large upstream distro, but some minor tweaks to it, and ship as its own entity.

At work, I'm stuck on 10 and it is just god awful slow and laggy. Even with a decent CPU (I5-6300 @ 2.5GHz), 8 GB ram, and SSD, it just struggles.

I really miss my setup at home. I'd even use at this point.


When trying to pitch Debian to people, say the following:

:debian: Debian is a stable, no-surprises "operating system" you can rely on.

It is not just a mere distro, so don't market it as such.

On I have , but I've yet to find a client that I like enough to use over

Just read the new Kernel Code of Conduct

They allow hugs still.

* Shots fired at *

I wish more distros had an OEM-style install like . Makes it stupidly easy to prep a computer for resale.

Appraently on doesn't support TRIM operations for SSDs yet.

If you play , I have made a Club for fans:

[TUX] Linux Rocks

Shoot me a friend invite on Switch or Steam and I'll invite you to the club. Please send me a message on Mastodon too so I know to look for it.

Xbox invites coming soon. Sorry PS4 users, you're SOL because of Sony.


(P.S. BSD folks are welcome too :freebsd: )

I don't see too many :fedora: users these days. What's up with that?

My wife gave me permission to shop for a new laptop. Gotta love her.

Now the quest is on to find a low cost, somewhat capable laptop that can run . Primary use case would be casual use.

That is the challenge then. A LOT of laptops have unknown Linux compatibility. Half tempted to go to Fry's Electronics or Best Buy with an Ubuntu Live USB and try random computers out.

I forgot that a lot of CD-ROM games from the late 90s to the mid 00s had copy protection on them. Makes it impossible to rip these games to an ISO, and also makes it very difficult to play under Wine :(

Just a normal guy living in . I enjoy , listening to podcasts, music, and music. Also passionate about and in particular.

I work in the semiconductor industry. I have some unique insights in the inner workings of this strange industry.

Three more excellent talks put out by the Phoenix Linux Users Group. I'll link to the mailing list posts directly this time for further details.

Introduction to Shodan:

Introduction to Tails:

Social Media Security:

Started listening to again. Though it might be oriented and not , it is still good listening

32-bit x86 CPUs to get mitigations in kernel 4.19.

So for the last 6 months, 32-bit x86 has been basically unprotected. Nice.

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