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Hot enough for ya?

Taken today in my wife's car. The car was in the shade...

I can buy toilet paper again. Does this mean the pandemic is over?

Internet data caps are bullshit in the era where everyone works from home and learns from home.

No joke, this is the "cold" water coming out of the tap.


Finally some GOOD news in Arizona. Covid infections are way down

Found a neat wallpaper on Reddit. Doesn't strictly follow the branding guidelines, but screw it, its too nice NOT to use.


What the hell is up with all of these new captchas popping up everywhere?

They're, like, everywhere.

Maybe has something to do with me on a VPN?

Back to on my Thinkpad, this time Fedora 33 with BTRFS as default filesystem.


The Arizona Governor's Office put out this risk transmission infographic


This sign language interpreter speaks for us all in this picture

I like to write in the blood of my empire.

Lamy Safari dripping in Noodler's Empire Red ink

cleaning day! Along with the assortment of inks I'll be using today.

Left to right for inks: J.Herbin Encore Violette, Pilot Yu-yake Iroshizuku, Noodler's Navajo Turquoise, Noodler's Empire Red, Noodler's Black, Diamine Green/Black

For pens: 3x TWSBI ECOs, Lamy Safari, Pilot Metropolitan, and a bamboo Chinese pen (brand I don't remember)

default software store now has a "Restart required" notification!

So it turns out that Pop!_OS is a better than Ubuntu proper, if only because their default store actually lets you install debs.

Bonus points for supporting flatpaks in their default store.

The theming still drives me crazy though, I'm just not that big a fan of the font choice and colors, but i can tweak that easily enough.

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