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Of the number of people in hospitals here in Arizona needing intensive care, almost none are under 20.

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When I look at these numbers, I feel like i'm in a plague-stricken European village in the middle ages, or the Yucatan peninsula after the Spaniards brought smallpox

At this point, it is no longer a matter of "if" but "when"

Gonna start a new 1 playthrough. Decided to roll 4d6 to see what classes to use. This is what was decided.

1 = Fighter
2 = Thief
3 = Blackbelt
4 = Red Mage
5 = White Mage
6 = Black Mage

This should be fun!

COVID19, Arizona 

Well, we in are pretty well fucked now. cases are growing by triple the rate they were just a few weeks ago.

Nice knowing you guys.

TIL that in if the window you take a screenshot of (with Alt + PrintScreen) has transparency, the transparency is preserved in the resulting PNG.

See these two examples, one was taken as a full screen screenshot, the other was taken with the window only. In both cases, the background transparency of the window is preserved.

in the terminal runs great!

I never realized it, but it is MIT licensed too.

Well, after running my files through multiple rounds of deduplication, plus BorgBackup for further deduplication (and excluding unnecessary files), I finally have a reasonably sized archive that I can upload to BackBlaze B2 with Rclone.

Of course, I have to limit bandwidth during daytime hours when everyone is awake (so as to not completely bog down my home internet). So the archive will take over a week to upload.

Still, not bad when you think about it.

Deduplication results so far.

Not just in amount of bytes saved, but in number of files that need to be managed.

After seeing these results from deduplication, I think I will be using Borg Backup more...

Upgrade to :fedora: 32 was successful! Did it via the Software method. Couldn't have been easier.


Figured I would go as ridiculous as possible.

Remember when GPUs required their own external power supply? That was the case for 3dfx graphics cards.

Digging through old pictures. Found this gem that explains software engineering.

I think I got my moneys worth out of my old hard drive. Nearly 8 years out of it.

They just don't make them like they used to.

My setup. My monitor is usually attached to my tower. Work laptop instead has to make use of it. Personal laptop off to the right.

Work laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise, while my tower and personal laptop run 31.

If I could use :fedora: and do my job, I would in a heartbeat.

Took a very long time, but I finally got down to my weight goal #1!

Next goal is another 10kg.

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