Huzzah, at long last, Wayland with NVidia graphics!

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@matt Is that 35? That's good they got it in there.

@sullybiker yeppers, that is one of the highlights of 35, Wayland support for Nvidia.

@neo seems fine to me, but I need to play with it more. If the only issues I have are "it's Wayland instead of X" I will call it a win

@neo an update: a lot of my applications are uber buggy and crashy ever since switching to Wayland. I had to switch back to Xorg. I'll give it another go after the next Xwayland patch hits Fedora, or I do a clean install.

@guenther whatever RPM Fusion pulls down, I think 495.44 right now?

@matt What about screensharing and conference stuff? Is it working without any issues?

@Nesaijn I don't do screen sharing or conference stuff, so no idea one way or another. Also haven't tried OBS yet on Wayland, so no idea there either, but I'm told OBS now has Wayland support.

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