This letter came home with my son from school on Thursday.

Now I'm spending my Sunday morning waiting anxiously for his PCR test results.

At 6 years old, he is too young to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Don't worry, I had 2 of my kids tested for antibodies both of them came back positive and no one in my 7 person household ever felt sick.


@yisraeldov @OpenComputeDesign antibodies means you were exposed at one point and your immune system was able to do its job properly. And we should be thankful for that!

Anecdote: I received the measles vaccine as a teen, but by the time I was 30, my antibodies for it were gone.

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@OpenComputeDesign @yisraeldov Apparently our immune system isn't as permanent as we were led to believe as kids. That's why boosters are a thing

@matt @yisraeldov My dad once had a doctor who said you should get a cold at least once every three months to keep your immune system in tune for more serious stuff.

Although if you _do_ get colds that often, I'd worry there might be something wrong with your immune system.

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