COVID-19, politics 

Lest people forget, we are still in the middle of a deadly pandemic where a significant portion of the population (children) *cannot* get vaccinated (nevermind the *will not* portion)

And yet, shit like this is happening thanks to ignorance and stupidity from our elected officials:


COVID-19, politics 

@codythedragonrude Statistically, the odds of dying to a vaccine itself, and not the disease it is designed to prevent, are next to zero. But not zero.

I'll take my chances without a second thought.

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COVID-19, politics 

@matt hard to trust anything bill gates in involved in for me personally

COVID-19, politics 

@codythedragonrude Dude, don't troll, OK?

The facts: COVID-19 vaccines specifically have a low incidence of adverse side effects of any kind (beyond what any other vaccine out there provides).

The incidence of death or hospitalization due to the vaccine itself are lower than COVID-19:

COVID-19, politics 

@matt would you trust a billionaire with your life?

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