What office suite is good to use in a terminal environment on Linux?

When I say office suite, I mean an equivalent to LibreOffice.

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@matt I don't think you are going to be able to find a WYSIWYG terminal based text editor or drawing application.

@blit32 @matt Without being quite sure what you're asking for, I'd have to express confidence that #emacs can fill every need you have, there are third-party major modes for pretty much everything you'd expect to find. #vim will also get very close; for both of these the secret is in how well they integrate with other tools to do the actual specialist things you want ...

For document production, have a look at the 0MQ documentation chain, which prioritises plain text for the author while creating very rich output documents : discusses the core tools of docbook and asciitosvg (although I'd prefer graphviz)

@yojimbo @blit32 I'm looking for something reminiscent of WordPerfect 5 from the DOS era.

It's more of a "can I do it?" As opposed to "I need to do it"

@matt @yojimbo Never used it before but the screenshots do look very emacsy

@yojimbo @blit32 I remember using WordPerfect back in the early '90s. My 10 year old self could barely comprehend the power behind it, but back then it was about as good as it got.

I'm not even sure modern word processors are as good. Sure there's WYSIWYG, but that's about it.

@matt @yojimbo @blit32 i feel like a good markdown format combined with a comfortable editor probably is a safe bet. I don't really know what office suites do, but I know that Aciidoc or Docbook in Emacs has rendered everything from game books to novels to technical papers to presentations, heck even my CV.

@matt I think wordgrinder might be the only wysiwyg editor for the termial like libreoffice word.

If you want to go old school, I'm sure troff or latex could format your documents anyway you want.

@hannibal_ad_portas wordgrinder is exactly what I was looking for! At least for word processing.

Anything for spreadsheets or presentations?

@matt Emacs is as close as it gets. It has plenty of text modes, and Org-mode should cover the rest of the Office.

Presentations are created with org-beamer. There's some support for spreadsheets in Org — not scalable but I still use them productively. Emacs has ledger-mode which can talk to ledger for plain-text accounting. And of course there are plenty of GTD and planning workflows for Org-mode. There's built-in calendar and there's calfw.

You might need pandoc to produce more conventional office documents from org or convert them into org.
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