@matt good for you.

Does Microsoft potentially snapping up Discord help as a possible carrot to keep your discord demon at bay?

Sometimes my reddit usage worries me and I ended up putting a digital well being time limit on my reddit app on my phone.

@SciencePhysicist I'm concerned about Microsoft buying Discord, but Discord ain't exactly a bastion of ideals to begin with.

The way the gaming industry is heading, its all consolidating under Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo anyway.

@matt Great post. Very honest and true to the heart. I went to something very similar last December. Ditched all the chat platforms and removed all smartphone apps. Since then I only allowed YouTube and Mastodon back, but with restrictions.

@matt Word of caution: be careful with Mastodon, I find it personally very hard to battle the seduction to respond to posts, which for me will always in the same toxicity. Stick to the local timeline as linuxrocks is luckily rather apolitical and free from the usual online strife. Or reduce your follows for a smaller Home timeline. And don’t ever click on trending topics. Once you start reading topic timelines, you’re back in Reddit mode.

@frank Good advice.

Its for that reason that i've always maintain a low tolerance for bullcrap on Mastodon. If someone pisses me off, I'm either going to ignore the message, stop following them, block them, or (in some cases) block their entire instance.

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