What the hell? 78 changes the default font? Who signed off on that bad decision?

@brandon Here's the thing though. I've had the same Thunderbird profile for 10 or 15 years. Literally copied my Thunderbird folder from one computer to the next and persistently used it.

I am not willing to redo all of my settings that I have spent over a decade tweaking to my liking, not when it has looked exactly how I wanted for the last 5 or so.

@matt I mean if it's a default setting that you hadn't changed, how much of a difference should that make? Or are you worried they're going to change other things too?


@brandon naw not even close to default settings, where permitted within the options anyway

@matt @brandon i like the new update. Mine looks different as i'm using a dark theme (probably the default dark theme? too lazy to check) but i don't mind the icons or any other theme related changes. The first thing i noticed with the update is that my Tbird is faster. Way to go #thunderbird devs!

@ITwrx @brandon dark themes always seem to break for me on Thunderbird. I've decided I'll stick to a light theme

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