@matt @mattgineer I hate the "glass sandwiches". I'm very clumsy and have dropped just about every device in my collection at least once. I've even managed to drop my pinephone already, and being mostly plastic, it didn't even notice. For my one android phone, I use a Nokia 6, because it's a freaking tank. I use it as a gps out in the field (actual fields), and so a weak device is just N/A

@matt I hate modern phones too. I don't like using a case, so my phone slides on any surface that isn't completely flat. I also hate that I can't the battery can't be easily replaced.

Luckily I have a work phone so I don't need to spend my own money on a poorly designed phone. I haven't bought one in seven years.

@matt I understand that your work gives you a phone that complies with your work environment etc, but what kind of tasks does your phone need to do? Is it strictly a phone for calling, do you need to text/message people with it?

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