Well, I gave :popos: a fair shake. And my conclusion?

* and have better implementations

* theming is awful (to me, at least)

* If you dislike but want an base with Gnome, this is the distro for you

* The App Store, which Pop uses, needs system level support (which is in progress)

* I like and apparently

* Pop!_OS is a crappy name because of the badly placed exclamation point

@matt I didn't like PopOS either, mainly because I don't like Gnome but am to lazy to install another WM (which might add useless bloat).
the theming is alright imo but it doesn't feel like it has any real special oomph as opposed to some other distros.

@matt The main reason I use Pop is the ‘It-Just-Worka’ situation on my hardware. Nvidia/Intel gfx implementation is reliable and power consumption is pretty low, even without TLP.
However I do change the theming as well and install some gnome shell extensions but that’s personal preference. I also use Nemo instead of Nautilus. That setup has served me well. 😁

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