Does anyone have experience using Classroom with ?

My son is going to be expected to use it for Kindergarten. Need to know if I can get away with buying him a Linux laptop, or if I will be forced into a chromebook of some sort.

@matt @robert Chromebook, most likely. My son use Google Classroom i school and they use Chromebooks but they aren't all bad these days.

@joacim I'm really uncomfortable with using a school provided Chromebook when you consider the bullshit that schools can do with it.

@matt @robert Yeah, but still.. kids are in school to do school work. If they wanna dork around they should use their own computer for it. :)


@joacim Perhaps. But I'm not about to let one of those spyboxes into my house if I have a say in the matter.

I wonder if a Pinebook Pro would do the job...

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@matt @robert Oh I agree - my kids Chromebook stays in school. He rocks a AMD Ryzen 5 deskop with Windblows 10 purely for his 1337 G4M1NG or whatever. Will get him onto Linux when the time is right as he aspires to become a "hacker". He's only 10 yet and english isn't his primary language.

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