Does anyone have experience using Classroom with ?

My son is going to be expected to use it for Kindergarten. Need to know if I can get away with buying him a Linux laptop, or if I will be forced into a chromebook of some sort.

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@matt It should work fine. It is all through a browser so as long as you don't block Google, it should work. Remember that Chromebooks are basically glorified web browsers with the necessary hardware included.

@matt we were using google classroom just fine on an Ubuntu 18.04 box

It was actually working fine on a pi 2 running Raspbien when there were no video components. Might've been fine then too, but I had no daytime debug time, so I just moved to an x86 box with sufficient horsepower to pull a train pulling a mule wanting to go the other direction

#SuddenlyHomeSchooling #FLOSSedu

@lufthans excellent, exactly what I wanted to hear. thank you.

@matt works good. Just be prepared to install chrome / chromium. :)

@geekgonecrazy not my browser of choice for sure.

But then, the sacrifices we make for our kids

I've used Firefox to interact with google classroom without any problems. I've used Google docs, google forms, google sheets, google meet...

My school finished around one month ago, so unless they did a big change, it should still work fine.

No need to use chromium.

@matt @robert Chromebook, most likely. My son use Google Classroom i school and they use Chromebooks but they aren't all bad these days.

@joacim I'm really uncomfortable with using a school provided Chromebook when you consider the bullshit that schools can do with it.

@matt @robert Yeah, but still.. kids are in school to do school work. If they wanna dork around they should use their own computer for it. :)

@joacim Perhaps. But I'm not about to let one of those spyboxes into my house if I have a say in the matter.

I wonder if a Pinebook Pro would do the job...

@matt @robert Oh I agree - my kids Chromebook stays in school. He rocks a AMD Ryzen 5 deskop with Windblows 10 purely for his 1337 G4M1NG or whatever. Will get him onto Linux when the time is right as he aspires to become a "hacker". He's only 10 yet and english isn't his primary language.

@matt It is *expected* to buy into the Google ecosystem in Kindergarten now? God, what have we become?
I know nobody wants to hear that, but seriously, where does this corporate big data nonsense stop?
To force children into a dependency with a humongous and de facto unregulated corporation like Google (or amazon or Apple for that matter) should be illegal.

@matt I was able to use Google Classroom on my Linux laptop last semester for college, as well as back in high school. All of the Google suite stuff runs completely inside the browser as far as I know

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