Covid19, schools 

My son is going to be in for a bad time starting kindergarten in a month

No in person school for the first two weeks of class, it will be all online at first.

When he does set foot on campus for the first time, he will likely be corralled, as opposed to simply herded, missing out on a lot of early childhood experiences.

Who knows how this will impact him over time.


Covid19, schools 

Me and my wife are NOT prepared to keep him focused on his education at home while he is doing online school, not when I also work full time and we have a toddler that also needs our undivided attention.

At least me and my wife have the luxury of only needing one income, and no day care.

I can only imagine how bad it is for other parents right now.

Covid19, schools 

@matt yeah. That's hard work mate. We had to do the same thing here for our kids. I was definitely not prepared to be a stay at home dad...

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