So it turns out that Pop!_OS is a better than Ubuntu proper, if only because their default store actually lets you install debs.

Bonus points for supporting flatpaks in their default store.

The theming still drives me crazy though, I'm just not that big a fan of the font choice and colors, but i can tweak that easily enough.

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@matt Does my Chromebook count as Linux? :)
I'm torn between a Linux and Windows computer for my next personal machine. Either a System 76 or Lenovo.

@farhan both of them make excellent machines IMO, though I went with Lenovo because of pricing. If price wasn't an issue I would probably use System76 again.

Can't you choose Linux nowadays with Lenovo? 🙃👍

@RyuKurisu @matt I'm confused about this too. Does Lenovo prevent Linux from running on it?
If I honestly look back at what I do on my computers, ChromeOS suffices. But if I want a non-hacky Linux experience, running in WSL2 works just great too. So why not Windows?
@RyuKurisu @matt ah if I were to get a Lenovo its because I am choosing Windows.
I was hardcore pro-Free Software and then defected towards the Open Source side (ie, BSD/MIT/ISC) but now I see things very differently. A strength in any given technology is in the use-case to the end-user, not ideology.

Now...having said that, the license itself provides non-trivial advantages - but notice, we're focusing on the advantages, not the ideology. I see Stallman's approach as backwards. So if Windows works for someone, go with it. Ultimately, these are tools.

@matt Could've sworn Pop!_OS uses Eddy to install debs.

I agree with you about the colors, though. I don't hate them, but I guess they just pop a bit too much for my liking.

@Akzel it might, but the actual GUI store software lets you pick between the Deb version and the Flatpak version of software.

The default Ubuntu Store only lets you install snaps, if you want a GUI installer for Deb versions you need to use something other than the default store.

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