Lets take for a moment and appreciate how easy it is to get into coding and software development these days.

* Free IDEs
* Free compilers
* Widely available and free tutorials
* A huge and supportive community

My 8 year old self would be jumping for joy if he had access to what I have access to now.

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@matt what will today's 8 year olds wish they'd had as kids once they reach adulthood?

Or, if you're more dystopian, what will today's 8 year old still wish they had when they're adults?

@FLOX_advocate the ability to have THEIR kids walk home from school without getting thrown in jail.

Wish I were joking about this.

@matt Now if only we could get (public elementary) schools to teach some of this stuff we would really be in business.

@matt “A huge and supportive community”

Excluding the StackOverflow cesspool though.

@Jakobiner We don't speak of StackOverflow in these parts.

@matt I agree with you! There was very little information about the development. And I still keep the books of that time, though they've lost their relevance now.

@matt And let's also remember that it's almost certainly due to Free, OpenSource software that's made that possible, even including the proprietary offerings, who will have had to stay competitive by creating a free version.

@matt That would have been awesome. I had to ask my parents to get me a C compiler for Christmas. I don't think I had any resources other than the manual that came with it.

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