What is dispora? Is it the Same as mastodon?


@techit Diaspora is an open source federated version of Facebook, similar to how Mastodon is the same to Twitter

@matt could I use dispora to follow mastodon accounts?

@techit no. Mastodon only federates over #ActivityPub. Diaspora only federates using its own variant of the #OStatus standard. The two are not compatible.


Some software, like #Friendica and #SocialHome, is compatible with both federation standards. #Hubzilla too if the instance and channel uses the add-on for it, although I'm told that can break compatibility with some features of #Zot, its native federation protocol.

> Diaspora is an open source federated version of Facebook

Not really. The only things that make #Diaspora substantially different from Mastodon are:
* no char limits on posts (by default)
* slightly saner display of threads
* the ability to post to groups of users defined by interests etc, as well as public or DM.

It lacks most of the killer features of FB (realtime chat, events etc) and is more like a federated G+.

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