You know, for as much praise as CPUs get, they seem to give people a lot of grief on .

Am I off base on my observations?

Nope. My laptop has Ryzen 5 with Radeon Vega and its a pain to get anything Linux related running. I know that some of this is bios related but to get Xubuntu to boot, I need the following kernel parameters.

pci=noacpi pci=nommconf rcu_nocbs=0-7 processor.max_cstate=1 i8042.nopnp

Its totally ridiculous

@matt the desktop ryzens seem to have no problems at all, it's only the ones with vega apus that I've seen have issues
@phoenix @matt even the desktop APU's like the Athon 200GE work flawlessly on Linux for me, and the faults some people had were actually motherboard related. The laptop scene is very wild and you're right, Thinkpads and HPs mostly have them work good but the rest are very dodgy

@machetebadger @phoenix @matt AFAIK the mobile ryzens have problems in general due to OEM driver issues; on windows as well. It's mostly an issue with ryzen being a new architecture and OEM update cycles being too infrequent to fix all bugs, even in cases where AMD already provides a fix

@matt I had similar experience. I got Ryzen5 2400G last February, and the system was a bit unstable for a few months with random reboots every couple of days.

Then I disabled one of the power saving modes and updated BIOS a few months later.

The issue has been gone since.

I also have an older AMD FX-8320e where I had to add a boot parameter iommu=soft. However it turned out that the system had bad memory, so I can't exactly pin that on the CPU.

@matt I wouldn't say I've had a *lot* of grief with mine (Ryzen 7 1700), but there was a setting I had to change in the BIOS, because otherwise my system would occasionally freeze up.

@matt uh-oh, I'm seriously looking to replace a 10 years old Core2Duo server metal with a Ryzen 7. I'm a little put off now, will do some more Information gathering.

@pete I wouldn't worry. A lot of the problems seem to be firmware related, that and you need to use a nearly bleeding-edge Kernel

@matt thank you! I tend to keep my servers running on hand-tailored mostly bleeding-edge kernels anyway - so that's good to know firmware/driver support is there in mainline.

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