@matt I don't play it that much, but its fun from time to time.

Inevitably they'll end up dropping Linux support I'm sure

@mattmcnutt It doesn't matter about if they drop Linux support. It matters that the company buying them is anti-Linux.

@matt I can't see any evidence of them being anti-linux, just ignorant of it.

Anti-consumer? For sure!
Anti-competition? Definitely!
Anti-Linux? Nah they just don't care

@matt I knew this was going to be the Canada remark 😜

That's still ignorance, he doesn't understand that he doesn't actually have any freedoms on Windows. That's still seeing Linux as irrelevancy, which in and of itself is not Linux hostile.

@mattmcnutt When the Epic Games Store has a Linux native port and offers Linux native binaries (aka the same as Steam) I will change my opinion. Until then...

@matt they intend to keep supporting Steam users - whether that eventually means granting an epic store copy, who knows, if that happens we're screwed.

If they continue to fully support Steam users (on steam) and if their dev pipeline is pretty well optimised, its possible Linux might be supported along with Windows on Steam.

We just have to wait and see

@mattmcnutt Yes, but what about *new* gamers who want to play it on Linux? They are SOL.

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