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Dear Wayland users out there: what are the biggest issues you still face on a daily basis?

Dear users out there: what are the biggest showstoppers & blockers preventing you from making the switch?

In what should be a no-brainer, the has unanimously declared that the 8th amendment applies to the States via the 14th amendment:

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"Never blindly copy commands you don't understand from the internet, it's a security risk"

That is precisely what people installing Arch for the first time do. Does that make installing Arch a security risk?

Woke up this morning and I thought I overslept my alarm, or it didn't go off at the normal 4:30 time.

Looked at my clock: 03:59.


Interesting thread on the Ubuntu and Debian user mailing lists. Someone is asking for a cheap Linux friendly cloud service that lets you store 50 Terabytes of data.

Yes, 50 Terabytes.

Cheap isn't an option for 50 Terabytes.

Back at work today for the first time in two months. Not much has changed, other than a few team members got shuffled around within the company

SecureBoot test on my laptop is a bust. I blame my laptop. Oh well. Gonna take this opportunity to distro hop on my laptop.

Well guys, :fedora: has been fun. Highly pleasurable OS.

But, now I'm going to test out :debian: Buster's SecureBoot implementation on my laptop, which means time to wipe the HD.

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Today Buster goes into Soft freeze:

Sadly that means Debian Buster will be stuck on 3.30 and Plasma 5.14.

Think I'm gonna play some tonight. Haven't played it in forever.

Which race though? I'm fond of Novakids, but I kinda wanna play a Glitch

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