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Me: Kids, you have 5 minutes until you need to get ready for swimming lessons!
*sees kid1 zoning out*
Me: Hey, what did I just say?
Kid1: Uhhh, be quiet?
Me: *sigh*

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"Australians who won't unlock their phones could face 10 years in jail" -

Today's is a double feature.

My tower hasn't changed much, because like stable, my desktop is stable, and with school starting tomorrow, I'm no longer allowed to change it unless I have a Hard Disk failure. Running

My laptop I just installed on, and have not been able to rice yet. It too runs stable

After a long tiring day at work, time for some .

Gonna see if I can pwn some n00bs on Smash Bros tonight, or get pwned back.

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Is basically the premier IRC server these days?

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Federated is world chat and Local is your guild, got it

This is the kind of day I'm having.

Tool alarms. 500-1000 steps from desk (in AC'd office building) to tool (in the fab)
Arrive at tool. Diagnose problem. Spend an hour fixing it. Log it up.
500-1000 steps back to my desk. Thinking to myself, "finally I can get some other important work done."
Sit down.
AS I'm sitting down at my desk, tool aborts 30 feet from the one I was just at.
Back to the fab...

Just finished walking about two miles, and I haven't been outside the building since I got here.

@ajdunevent thought you might find this fascinating. We have had heavy rain over the last few weeks, and it caused fungus growth in my area.

@Pixelchristi Just discovered you have a . Two things:

1. An RSS feed is very difficult to find! Luckily my podcast app was able to find it.

2. Love the intro music.

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the existence of mastodon implies the existence of an equal-and-opposite, wastodon

Friends don't let friends... Show more

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An important reminder: use and share the principles of #emailselfdefense. Protect your privacy and the people you communicate with, too!

Whoops, my PGP key expired a few days ago. Looks like I need to generate some new ones.

Not that anyone I know uses PGP...

Just a normal guy living in . I enjoy , listening to podcasts, music, and music. Also passionate about and in particular.

I work in the semiconductor industry. I have some unique insights in the inner workings of this strange industry.

Only been using the for a few days, and its already proving useful!