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@NickFreeman @RussSharek Just because you can learn how to fix something, and actually know how to fix something, doesn't mean you want to spend the time fixing it.

My day job i try to fix things all day. At home, I want it to "just work".

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I work at as a process engineer.

about semiconductor processing.

(I will not be answering questions about CPU design specifically, but about semiconductor processing in general)


OSHA regulations still apply when working remotely. Your employer is required to provide a workspace that lets you work as injury free as possible. This includes:

* Desk (adjustable if possible)
* Adjustable office chairs
* Working keyboard, mouse, and computer monitor (laptop display is not sufficient)

Taking bets whether or not my travel plans for this week happened or not.

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I had a random dream last night.

I was at home, minding my own business with my family, when a mountain lion decided it wanted to eat my kids for lunch.

Its a scary thought to realize that my home is not very secure against mountain lions.

TIL I learned of the usb_modeswitch utility.

Very useful

TIL USB Autorun viruses are still a thing for Win2k systems

Discussion question:

What tasks on Linux for system administration still require the use of the terminal?

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So not only is bitcoin an ecological disaster but you also run the risk of running afoul of USA Sanctions.

Happy mining, you planet-destroying greedy fucks.

Raspberri Pi bridge is successful.

It might surprise y'all to learn that it actually did help my wifi latency go down a bit, by about 10-20ms.

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You know what else I want to write? The Joker, as a woman who’s told to “smile” until one day she just fucking snaps and goes full-on Heath Ledger chaos-demigod.

Going to use an old Raspberry Pi as an Ethernet-to-Wifi bridge, to try to cut down on some of the wifi interference in my house.

Ideally i'd like to wire ethernet across the house, but I don't think the wife would approve of the cost.

Any recommendations for a gigabit ethernet switch? I have a 4 port switch, and its not really cutting it anymore.

Time to upgrade my main desktop to 34 Beta. Enough of my must-use extensions were ported to 40 that its time!

Too bad that I can't use Wayland yet, at least until this summer. Stupid Nvidia drivers.

If made it so Pop!_OS :popos: ran :kde: instead of :gnome: they would need to rename it to K-Pop!_OS


It's interesting listening to news reports and podcasts discussing the pandemic from 3, 6, and 12 months ago.

And depressing

schadenfreude (n) Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune.

See Also: bad drivers on YouTube

One thing is for certain, there is very much a Japanese slant to misskey, anime waifus and all.

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What is this thing? Is it yet another fork of / / etc?

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