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If you play , I have made a Club for fans:

[TUX] Linux Rocks

Shoot me a friend invite on Switch or Steam and I'll invite you to the club. Please send me a message on Mastodon too so I know to look for it.

Xbox invites coming soon. Sorry PS4 users, you're SOL because of Sony.


(P.S. BSD folks are welcome too :freebsd: )

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Just ordered an Intel 8265 wireless card for my laptop. Should offer much better compatibility across Linux and the BSDs than the crappy Realtek that I have.

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you ever pet your animals regardless of # of boosts or favs their posts get?

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1 boost = 1 pet 1 favourite = 1 pet yes they stack this loser wants em!

I did NOT get picked for the final jury. Ah well. It was an interesting process

Should have brought my phone charger to the courthouse.

First morning of jury duty. I'm very interested in the admin process so far. Maricopa County runs a pretty tight ship.

Well then! I just got picked for jury duty tomorrow.

Guess I'm fighting downtown Phoenix rush hour traffic to get to the courthouse

Remember folks:

Any time a company Terms of Service gives you the opportunity to reject arbitration agreements, DO IT!!!!

If a company does not give you an opportunity to reject an arbitration agreement, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!

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Is it just me, or does using #MS_Edge make everyone else wish you could remove every vestige of it from #Win10?

British telenovela.

Never thought that phrase would enter my family's vocabulary, but here we are.

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Geeze louise. A year late, and Boss Fight Books finally finishes Season 3

This is why I don't do Kickstarters anymore, even from groups that have a proven track record.

Been a couple days since I got my laptop back (with a new mobo and cpu) and installed my extra ram. So far so good!

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Today is an unusual day in central .

It is raining.

Literally the sky is falling :yay:

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this Dilbert strip is from 1995, but now it's more valid than ever

Fun with Neofetch. It has some pretty ascii art!

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