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Before you ask, a friend of mine helps run a game store locally. So they have first dibs

Rearranging the house. So selling off a bunch of my old game consoles, with games and accessories. The list includes:

Xbox 360
Wii (complete in box)

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In a café, and they're running XP networked.


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Australia passes a new law that requires companies to provide a way to get encrypted communications and data via a warrant process.

I just finished my Bachelor's Degree in Material Science and Engineering

Time for a new hard drive for my tower. Main boot drive has damaged sectors.

Think I'm going to take the plunge and get an SSD.

I am officially on sabbatical from work.


My manager is receiving a promotion, and I will be getting a new one soon. I had a one-on-one with her.

Her lasting advice:

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Better to seek answers, than to do something wrong.

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@matt :debian: is the 'Universal Operating System'... 😃😃

I've come to the conclusion that while "distro" is a decent enough shorthand for operating system, it just doesn't cut it anymore.

All of the major Linux-based distros should rebrand as Linux-based Operating Systems.


When trying to pitch Debian to people, say the following:

:debian: Debian is a stable, no-surprises "operating system" you can rely on.

It is not just a mere distro, so don't market it as such.

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For some reason my NAS will no longer connect to my Wifi. Didn't have time to fully troubleshoot, but it is annoying

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"SuperTux" (a Super Mario Bros alternative) | a new release out.

A totally free and open source platformer inspired by original Super Mario Bros is still chugging along.

A rather nice game especially (?) for younger audience. It's free after all, why not give it a go! 🙂


For my fellow Americans, have a happy Thanksgiving today.

Call me crazy, but I think :debian: Buster is mature enough to use it full time over Stretch. Even switched back to :)

Need to work on the theming. Its a bit wonky.

Whoa, Ubuntu 18.04 is getting 10 years of LTS support.

That's a shots fired to Red Hat.

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