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@NickFreeman @RussSharek Just because you can learn how to fix something, and actually know how to fix something, doesn't mean you want to spend the time fixing it.

My day job i try to fix things all day. At home, I want it to "just work".

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I work at as a process engineer.

about semiconductor processing.

(I will not be answering questions about CPU design specifically, but about semiconductor processing in general)

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"why don't you have a webcam cover?"
"because the webcam driver doesn't work"
"but what if someone hacked into your system and fixed the driver?"
"mission accomplished"


Every time there is a kernel update, Plymouth breaks. I can still enter my LUKS password, but it won't display anything until the login manager loads.

The fix for this is to run "dracut -f" every time I perform a kernel update.

So annoying. I can't wait until I can ditch my Nvidia card for something else.

Just did a jinormous data pull for work, and I accidentally made a 1.4 gigabyte CSV file.

Good thing my laptop has 24 gigs of RAM.

:fedora: with :gnome: has grown on me as a daily driver. Something about it just "feels" better than either :debian: or :ubuntu:

I'm gonna stick with it I think.

Now if only I could find some affordable Fedora stickers to decorate my laptop with, and a nice polo shirt to wear.

Why is it so damn difficult to find authorized Linux distro merchandise?

Do you use system sounds on your computers?

Talking things like system startup, system shutdown, error messages, notifications, etc.

This does not count app sound effects, only system sounds.

Specific OS does not matter for this one.

So like, I just got Nvidia drivers, Dvorak, Plymouth, and Fedora 31 to get along!

Guess I'm giving Fedora 31 a spin on my tower/gaming rig for a bit.

Bought an 8BitDo SN30 Pro+, we will see tomorrow if it is usable on Linux or not.

I doubt any of the accompanying software is, but if I can use it as *just* a basic controller, I will be happy.

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The Yaru team have made several improvements since the sprint last week. Really 馃挏 how things are shaping up for #Ubuntu 20.04 馃槑 #showmydesktop


The #Ubuntu default desktop theme is being refreshed 馃枌 for the next release. See this blog post that summarises the work so far 馃懛

Here's my simple shell script to take a whole directory of files in the filename format "*YYYYMMDD*.*" or "*YYYY-MM-DD*.*" and put them in their own subdirectories sorted by date, plus timestamped *when* you sorted.

Works great when you have thousands of pictures on your phone's SD card that you need to sort in a hurry. Also assists if you are trying to sort duplicate files across many subdirectories.

TFW you write a brilliant shellscript, and a year later you forget why each command is there, but the script still works damnit.

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