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@NickFreeman @RussSharek Just because you can learn how to fix something, and actually know how to fix something, doesn't mean you want to spend the time fixing it.

My day job i try to fix things all day. At home, I want it to "just work".

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I work at as a process engineer.

about semiconductor processing.

(I will not be answering questions about CPU design specifically, but about semiconductor processing in general)

I've given PopOS a 3 month test drive as a daily driver instead of Fedora. Only because I'm tired of dealing with Nvidia driver nonsense on Fedora (my card is too old for the open source driver).

I hate how mangled GNOME is on Ubuntu based systems already, and PopOS isn't doing it any favors. Disk performance is also crap compared to Fedora. Still LOTS of small bugs on the Pop shell that aren't present on vanilla Gnome at all

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:: SPACE HAVEN - Native Linux - now -50% off!

A voyage for a new home. Build spaceships, create optimal conditions, manage the needs, moods of their crew, meet other space-faring groups, explore the universe.

The devs hear you:

"Space haven is yet to reach its full potential. There's much more to add, we want to hear your voice. We believe games reach their best potential when developed together with the feedback from community."


I've apparently been "quiet quitting" for years. Never knew that it had a name.

I think I figured out what I hate about modern TV shows:

They suffer from a lack of "Get to the point"

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I love XKCD 

Happened upon this oldie. Still relevant

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Every time I get an unsolicited text message asking to buy my house, I up the asking price, waiting for someone to accept.

Currently up to about 3 mega Euros.

(I'm in Arizona)


Don't get me wrong, I like Protonmail, and I like my current provider Mailfence, but I wonder if they will still be around in 5 years.

It's less of an issue for me to change email addresses, since I use my own domain, and I can change providers if needed. My risk model is domain name theft or gov't seizure, and if the latter happens I'm probably in deep shit to begin with.

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Serious responses only please, and let's ignore privacy for sake of argument.

Are there any email providers these days besides Google and Microsoft that are NOT at risk of going belly up or having their email systems utterly collapse?

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@matt brb, going to go mint this on the block chain

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Giving a try over VS .

Not sure I like it yet, but I'll give it a fair shake.

According to Europeans, the number one thing that America contributes to society is... 

...good Mexican food.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel that way too.

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Apparently the "old guy" hill that I will die upon is the "these kids don't know how to computer anymore".

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@ajroach42 Oh *** great; now I'm going to go to bed with the Muppet's theme tune in my head....

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