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If Zuck's making a 'Metaverse', can the Fediverse go to war like in that Monty Python film with the accountants?

Yet another Social Credit in China documentary, from 17th October.

Currently rewriting all the garbage I wrote months ago.

Am I a real coder yet?

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Just got Librem phone. I am utterly deeply dissapointed. I can understand that undertaking here is massive, really massive. I understand that nothing exists in ecosystem and we are starting felm scratch here. But, man...this is not about fit&finidh issue, it is not about phone being unusable as daily driver. Even the basic functions do not work. Perf is horrid, not one application is made robust not to crash, camera not working, LED firing out of sudden and not stopping...

The one thing I still miss about Facebook is the drugs. It's apparently impossible to get drugs since 2019 without it.

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I've just been on hold for a taxi, and I want to publicly apologize to Muzak, and request Muzak returns.

We're all very sorry we made fun of you for being 'elevator music'. Please come back. We can't deal with what came next.

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October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update

Are there any search engines that don't have sites which require a sign-up?

The way I see the conversation is this: I want stuff involving 'purple rabbits' or whatever, then the search engine says the rabbits are over there.

Then, arriving at the site, I'm told the content isn't actually available without forming some kind of relationship with the site, and disabling my ad-shields, which means the content isn't actually accessible, merely 'potentially accessible, with the right efforts'.

It's doing it again, but now cannot paste the URL.

What kind of programmer fails to handle pasting a line of text?

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Mail (the email client for Windows 10), has a loading bar for pasting text.

Someone saw that pasting text takes a long time, and instead of thinking 'OMG, we pasted text in the 80's without a problem', they decided to write a loading animation in, so that people would understand the paste is coming.

This is beyond parody.

I've never worked on XMPP, or met anyone who has, but I've decided to make a unilateral decision and rename it "echat".

If you try to explain XMPP to someone, they fall asleep around the letter 'M'. On the other hand, if they complain about too many messaging apps, you can just say 'why not use one of the echat apps, and we never have to discuss this again?', and that seems a lot easier.

Everyone got that? Good. From now on, it's called "echat".

I got mixed feelings about the recent LWTN.

Going over misinformation online, the presenter sarcastically mentions WhatsApp take no responsibility for the messages on their platform, and... yes, that's right.

If I got an insulting letter, and then returned it to the post office, asking "Do you people not check this stuff before delivering it?!", they'd give me a funny look.

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There's a special layer of Hell for people who add the binary output to their git project.

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