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There's a special layer of Hell for people who add the binary output to their git project.

Catcher in the Rye is awful. I've seen more interesting ideas in paperback fantasies set in fan-made Dungeons & Dragons worlds.

Random vim find:

Shift + k will pull up the man page for the word your cursor's on.

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the more i grow up the more i appreciate new socks

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I love how #freeBSD take care of its unfortunate users who have fallen into #vi 🤣

Upload any file from the terminal, and get a url to the file as a reply, using curl.

Any recommendations for LAN party games which are in the AUR?

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Just got a mechanical keyboard, and I should have done this years ago.

Congratulations to Twitch for going open source.

Someone meant to ask about a big database, but accidentally described it as a theoretical 'infinite' database.

Now I'm legit wondering how to query an infinite database.

When doesn't find you, it sends you some cold.

New Amazon robot Astro is looking for a space in your home.

I have no idea what it actually does, but it's coming anyway, apparently.

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Sometimes I see python2 in a project and think 'get a bloody move on, this is ridiculous', but then I remember we still have a month with 28 days, while others have 31, instead of having the first five months with 31 days, and the twelfth month is still called 'Ten', because August was shunted in later, and that real humans measure things with feet like neanderthals.

So maybe that Star Treck scene with the SQL injection wasn't all that unrealistic, and ipv4 will last forever.

Just used briar-gtk in the AUR. Functionality is nearly non-existent, but if you want to just send text end-to-end then it seems reliable and easy so far.

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There are six stages:
1. denial
2. anger
3. bargaining
4. depression
5. acceptance
6. merge pull request

Spotting ugly code is easy.

Fixing the problem is not.

I'm guessing this will continue no matter how much coding I do.

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