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I was literally JUST about to comment about how much more legitimate the new Microsoft Store's offering seems lol.

Getting real tired of the attitude at work.

"You know, I often clock out late, and make sure I do everything, because you gotta put in the extra effort, because we're like a family here, so just think about that"

No, you're not family.

Engineers are like prostitutes - pretending to be excited will cost you extra, and once the job's done, they leave.

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Did you know that you can now link your account to #GitHub and (fully optional)? This allows to assign migrated content to your account and a quick login via M$ GH.

- register a normal account (if not already done)
- click the "Link Account" section on the sign in page
- authorize Codeberg via a third-party service
→ migrated content from these platforms will be linked to your account
→ you can now login via these services, too (Warning: they will learn about each login)

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- $NEW_JOB Security Guy: We harden all our systems before client delivery!

- Me: Cool! But what happens if you need to apply an update that is tripped by the hardening?

- Security Guy: We don't update our hardened systems! That's why our systems are hardened.

- Me: You... don't update... your systems?

- Security Guy: Nope!

- Me: Ever?

- Security Guy: Ever. They stay that way for the duration of the project.

- Me: Which is...?

- Security Guy: Usually 10 years. 🤦‍♂️

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Malinux boosted is a free open source platform for reviewing anything, supported by data from open sources such as Wikidata, OpenStreetMap etc.

It's sort of a Libre alternative to Yelp.

You can follow the project at:

➡️ @lib_reviews

The project website is at

You can see the code or contribute at

#LibReviews #Reviews #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Yelp #Alternatives #Business #Travel

I've just had a look at old photographs, and noticed I suddenly stopped taking almost any photographs a few years ago. Unsure if this is because I went off Facebook, or just becoming old and boring.

When your terminal spits out 50 lines per second, what do you do?

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Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

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Reading that issue of The Hulk where @Gargron tries to capture him and harness his gamma ray strength to power the supercomputers of Mastodon:

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#scihub is uploading new papers again! all hail comrade Elbakyan!

Currently playing This War of Mine, based on the siege of Sarajevo.

One guy's depressed, and another suicided, so the cook's gotta go out to raid the area, because he's hungry. I had to burn a book to cook food; may the gods forgive me.

You can raid places with active snipers, raid easy targets with limited supplies, or break into old poeple's homes to steal their supplies.

If I can't make some moonshine cheer today, I'm pretty sure the last two characters are dead.

10/10, would recommend.

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Scottish Guy Makes Stunning Realization That He Can't Say 'Purple Burglar Alarm'


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