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I have a real hatred of authoritarian states, but I can't help but notice that Serbia's doing rather well at stopping the spread when fast action's needed.

Everything has its place I suppose... which seems to also be what the Serbian government thinks about literally everyone right now.

They've also unilaterally extended 100% of Visas indefinitely, so I'm okay to stay, just as long as I stay in my house.

Home systems come with defaults, like Downloads, Pictures, Documents, which they gave us back in Windows 98.

Is your home folder:

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I am deeply concerned that most humans I encounter at work don't take covid19 seriously.

It's not a 'bit' everyone is doing for the Lols!

You trying to "carry on as normal" is literally making this whole thing worse.


Official Covid-19 info from DDG.

I didn't know it had sponsorship, but I suppose businesses have to make a living somehow.

Planes are down, so it seems I'm trapped in Serbia.
On the plus side, I might have a legal excuse for staying.
On the other hand, they might demand I leave, and I'll have to see which neighbouring countries will take me in.

The worry there is that since Serbia thinks that Kosovo is Serbia, they might have a different opinion about which countries are neighbours to Kosovo, and if Kosovo doesn't want to allow access right now, then I'd end up in a mid-border tent, and possibly without wifi.

Zombie films should take a page from corona's book - if you want to be really scary, increase the onset time to 3-25 days.

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oh btw for those who care i gave my rpi 3 a proper burial

i spliced a usb wire to an outlet plug plugged it into my wall outlet and made the rpi3 go boom

Me last week: "Who bothers washing vegetables? I only dropped it on the floor yesterday, it'll be fine."

Me today: "Now entering phase II of shopping-grocery decontamination. Should be able to finish within 10 minutes."

My theory is that once we all emerge from our caves in 6 months, everyone will have forgotten how to dress.

That's the point we all look like Mad Max characters.

What modern greeting would everyone like?

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My embassy aren't picking up, and planes are grounded. There's a curfew over the city, and I'm going to be overstaying my legal welcome soon.

... and is that drums in the deep in hear?

It's not easy to not touch your face while smoking... so I'm thinking we should bring back those stylish 1920's cigerette holders.

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Coronasierte Kunst: Edward Hopper. Night Hawks.

(Gefunden auf Diaspora)

Once this is all over, I wonder if we'll see a rise in village populations again.

Remote working tools have been available for decades, but they've not been used anywhere near capacity.

The random bogrol hoarding got me thinking about Rickshank Rickdemption.

I thought I'd weather this storm easily, being a hermit. But having the last couple of hours of outside contact removed is starting to sting.

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