Everything directly behind my laptop is in the danger zone.

Raised a stupid issue on Github.

Hours later, issue accepted and closed.

Gotta love open source.

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You heard the captain’s side, now it’s time to find out how to *really* be a pirate from the Quartermaster: youtube.com/watch?v=T0fAznO1wA

@linuxpaulm I like my whistle, though it comes with an extra layer of embarrassment as I think the high-notes reverberate to neighbours more, so I don't use it after like 8pm. AFAIK, practicing guitar quietly is a lot easier.

Meaningfull statements to HR:

- I got 2 years frontdesk experience
- Can do Virtualbox.

Not meaningful statements:

"A self-motivated impervious individual, works great alone or in a team, looking for a new challenge and..."


Someone's applied who knows 'Linux OS'.

Doubt :]

probably a terrible character movement scheme 

@OpenComputeDesign I'm still not picturing it clearly, but if it works, then it'd be really funny to have a baby-training stage where you're a toddler, and your only mission is to walk without falling over.

probably a terrible character movement scheme 

@OpenComputeDesign So lean forward to run, ... then what? Is there another direction to lean?

@mosesgikomba Is a Linux-based instance the best place for political memes?

@mosesgikomba Are you sure a Linux-themed instance is the best place for Britain First, religious, and general political content?

@quellus I think I've just invented a way to get rid of 100% of the world's weeds.

@5225225 I've rebound everything. My local haklab has a number of people using i3, and the only person using the default bindings does so because he uses default everything to limit any ability to track him.

He also doesn't use Vim, so obviously he's a complete deviant.

@linuxpaulm Good article, though restricting censorship to only include threats of law or violence seems a little narrow - the definition seems quite enough when we're just talking about someone trying to quash an idea across a wide area.

'"As Kosseff said in 2019: “Are they saying you don’t do any moderation at all? A free for all? I seriously would not want to be on the internet at all if that was the case.”'

...or maybe you could just go to nice places, rather handing total control to small I-think-this-is-a-nice-idea groups of old people.

@tzycce installing another OS is far too much work. That said it's pretty cool that you can do this at all.

If I boot Ubuntu so I can use gparted to lay partitions for arch, would it be heresy?

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