It's doing it again, but now cannot paste the URL.

What kind of programmer fails to handle pasting a line of text?

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When doesn't find you, it sends you some cold.

New Amazon robot Astro is looking for a space in your home.

I have no idea what it actually does, but it's coming anyway, apparently.

Currently playing This War of Mine, based on the siege of Sarajevo.

One guy's depressed, and another suicided, so the cook's gotta go out to raid the area, because he's hungry. I had to burn a book to cook food; may the gods forgive me.

You can raid places with active snipers, raid easy targets with limited supplies, or break into old poeple's homes to steal their supplies.

If I can't make some moonshine cheer today, I'm pretty sure the last two characters are dead.

10/10, would recommend.

The ideas about what computers might do from the 80's probably seemed quite realistic to the average person, so I can't really blame the general public for thinking that Apple are going to save their children.

‘The Writing Ball is a thing like me: of iron
Yet twisted easily – especially on journeys.
Patience and tact must be had in abundance
As well as fine fingers to use us.’

-- Nietzsche, written on his Writing Ball

I mean you already have your phone, what more could any company ask for?

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