Just finished a script to automatically install Void.

Boot up a live iso, then
> xbps-isntall -S curl
> curl malinfreeborn.com/autovoid.sh | sh

Full WM, desktop, the lot. The script took far too long, but at least I'll never have to fiddle with that installer again.

It's 17 degrees and I already need the AC on.

I'm thinking of bringing parasols back into fashion.

Mympd - a web-based MPD front-end.

I've put this on my pi, so everyone in the flat can add music, or turn down the volume when they have a meeting.

The ISS is like if agoraphobia and claustrophibia had a terrifying child.

I love finding these little prickly messages in open source documentation.

(from /usr/share/doc/feh)

Battlestation setup:

From the couch, you can see the big monitor.

From the chair, you're facing the small monitor, and can use the big monitor to watch stuff out the side of the eye.

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