This is pretty funny. I like the idea of making it an old fashioned D&D dungeons.

As 6 weeks solitary confinement goes, this has been fun, but I'm hoping it won't go on too much longer.



AI Dungeons is a fantastic FOSS AI game you can play online for free.

However, it does go off the rails a little sometimes...

Official Covid-19 info from DDG.

I didn't know it had sponsorship, but I suppose businesses have to make a living somehow.

The random bogrol hoarding got me thinking about Rickshank Rickdemption.

The elders of the internet have release a public health announcement.

Nobody I know can remember a Winter without snow in Serbia.

But there's time yet.

One FOSS RPG - finally printed.

... and just like real FOSS projects, it has a really awful name.

I need a FOSS advertising department.

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