@koyuchan The common line which triggers me is people talking about fixing Facebook and Twitter, through appeals, legislation and gaffa tape.

@malin I'd rather say public people should do some activism around actual decentralised technology, but apparently saying decentralised means being a libtard for most people for some reason, because tHe BlOcKcHaIn exists

@koyuchan @malin Ugh, it really frustrates me how many people can't concieve of decentralization being any broader than blockchains!

I've even faced situations where they proposed blockchains as solution for a problem, where I could name a more mundane subset of the techniques those are comprised of which is all thats relevant in the situation! Once this was some of my business partners talking to our client, who was already using the relevant subset...

@alcinnz Yes, for example NFTs could have acheived their stated goals better using git-lfs and GPG keys.

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