The year is 2040.

You log into a cafe and your coffee-app automatically pops into the foreground till you order.

You select the UltraEthics choice which gives $0.50 to Starving Orphans Inc.

You read about the two political parties: Rich and More Rich, and wonder why nobody talks about anything else.

The coffee arrives, the cost automatically comes off your Musk-Coin, along with 2% PayPal fee.

Some idiot is trying to pay in cash. Unlike him you a pragmatist and just want to use what works.

@malin If this is meant to be a dystopia, it's rather tame.🙂

@mathlover2 If this seems tame, you're in a dystopia.

But honestly, it's more about how short-sighted so-called 'pragmatic' approaches are.

@malin True. My standards of near-term dystopia have been too high, especially given all the dystopian fiction out there, much of it over-the-top rather than subtle.

It also helps that I have never liked merely token efforts at fixing issues, Elon Musk, the state of US politics since 2000, or coffee, and can't easily picture myself being the foolish person in that scenario.

@malin On the other hand, I am a fan of having stuff delivered to my door, and I do have a Paypal I recently started --- though my use for it is marginal, confined to an online service and a part-time job.

I guess I do have something to be concerned about, after all...


@mathlover2 Yea, I use some of the comfy short-term stuff too.

My guess is that it's mostly okay, if you're on both sensible and short-sighted platforms, so I've signed up to Librepay. That way I can use it when I can, even if I'm not actively disincentivising Musk-coin.

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@malin I should check Librepay out one of these days.

@malin I do a similar thing with chat clients. I have a Discord account and a Matrix account.

I also do the same thing with Twitter and Fediverse, but I use Fediverse way more, especially these days. I only became active again on Twitter after the Musk purchase to promote my favorite alternatives.

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