Mail (the email client for Windows 10), has a loading bar for pasting text.

Someone saw that pasting text takes a long time, and instead of thinking 'OMG, we pasted text in the 80's without a problem', they decided to write a loading animation in, so that people would understand the paste is coming.

This is beyond parody.

It's doing it again, but now cannot paste the URL.

What kind of programmer fails to handle pasting a line of text?

Well, waiting for some clipboard with a recent linux mint...look here:
echo "hello hamburg"> some_very_little_textfile

xclip -selection clipboard <some_very_little_textfile

and then ctrl-D the terminal.
on a i7/ssd/16GB without load you wait around 3 seconds


@wuffel I have no idea why you're writing an 'echo' output to disk.

> echo "hello hamburg" | xclip -i

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Yep, that i recognised a second after sending. :)

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