New Amazon robot Astro is looking for a space in your home.

I have no idea what it actually does, but it's coming anyway, apparently.

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@malin Says right there what it does: It's looking for you. I guess we can extrapolate that it's angry at you, or wants to harm you, once it finds you? I suppose in a few years we won't know how we managed to live without at least two of these in our home.

it spies.

btw, seen the new manga chapters? when mjr kutsunagi dies? is now an essay on full cyberisation x genetic enhancement. shirow and co share interesting perspectives.

are we less human the less flesh and blood we become?

@nergal gits? Never seen it.

I'm not worried about being human. I already have metal parts in my body. I just want to make sure I'm controlling any enhancements.

in gits they call cracks hacks. if i recall right, there are eye hacks, cyberbrain hacks, interceptor, puppetry, ghost hacks.
this series is so worth diving into for me.

@nergal This is pretty cool. I didn't even know there was a Ghost in the Shell series.

masamune shirow drew a manga. then in the 90s it became a series. the best cyberpunk after star trek tng?

gits taught me most i know about layered security and threat models.

psychopass taught me about electronic surveillance. sybil and panopticon especially.

it is very improbable that you will own enhancements. you will get them on lease.

@nergal I already got my enhancements:

I'll get some more if ever I can find some place to stick them in.

@nergal Natural magnets, sadly, have no on/ off state. The main effects are just sensations; in cities, there are a lot of electromagnetic fields all around us.

the guy in the movie used a circuit breaker i think. think he had to recharge the batteries every night. the wires run through his body? i should watch sleight again.

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