Currently playing This War of Mine, based on the siege of Sarajevo.

One guy's depressed, and another suicided, so the cook's gotta go out to raid the area, because he's hungry. I had to burn a book to cook food; may the gods forgive me.

You can raid places with active snipers, raid easy targets with limited supplies, or break into old poeple's homes to steal their supplies.

If I can't make some moonshine cheer today, I'm pretty sure the last two characters are dead.

10/10, would recommend.

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@malin @bekopharm It is one of those games that I wholeheartedly recommend even though I can't play much of it because of feelings.

@hypolite @bekopharm
It's a rare game which makes the player feel frustrated and depressed, and succeeds in its goals, because those *are* the goals.

Maybe I should rate it as "10/10, would not recommend, but it's still excellent".

@malin This is an awesome game, especially if you play it with any kind of heart and not "haha, I stole the old folks food, sucks to be them." It's difficult as a pure strategy survival game, it's heart-wrenching if you really empathize with what's going on.

@CarlCravens I live in Serbia, so the reality's faintly familiar, through the chat and histories around me.

It seems like a great example of people tackling difficult subjects well.

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