Is there anything like 'virtualenv' for Linux package managers, rather than python packages?

Pip's cut searches, so it seems better to use a package manager, but then the virtual environments wouldn't work.

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@malin `nix-shell` in #NixOS or nixpkgs based environment. It'll essentially prepare a shell for you with the desired packages setup in the PATH, environment variables to your specification.

Came here to say especially nix-shell with direnv. That is what I am doing right now for work, trying to get a Ruby on rails app working with all the packages, I'm just having a hard time getting everything to run on M1 Mac.

@yisraeldov @abbe Sounds like a great feature, though Distro-hopping's not on the menu for me.

@malin @yisraeldov alternatively you can install nix in your existing GNU/Linux installation, you won't get to manage kernel though but everything else you can. This is how I started with nix, using it alongside on Debian. For more details,

@abbe @malin I have a nixos machine, as well as an ubuntu laptop and a macbook that I use nix on to manage my packages and clean dev environments. I belive you can do something similar with if you want lisp and FOSS only.

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