I thought the butt-dial was a thing of the past, but my phone's managed to leave multiple incoherent messages.

If I ever message you sounding like I'm having a stroke, I'm fine, and I'm sorry.

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Turns out I've not been butt-dialing people. I threw away a phone as I thought it was bricked, but gypsy kids got ahold of it, and have been Viber-calling people and sending kissing emojis to random contacts.

@malin I've found that touch screens are actually the worst about doing things in one's pocket

@malin "Bricked" devices are scary, you cant check whats on them before you dispose of them and you dont know for sure if someone else will be able to make it work again...

@bjoessi I should have made it literally bricked...with a brick.

But then the kid wouldn't have a phone, and my friends wouldn't have had all those love heart emojis.

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