@antolius if you want to open source that TTRPG I have a site for open source RPGs.


@malin I already state CC0 1.0 as license for the content of Deployments and Disasters in its github repo:


I don't have much experienced with licensing, I guessed creative commons was ok for content and MIT for the site's source code. I should probably mention it somewhere on the rendered site though. 🤔

I can push a mirror of the repo over to belgradecats.tk if that's ok.

Btw, seeing the amount and quality of content you have on there is truly humbling! 😍

@antolius A mirror's a good idea as I'm a really unreliable admin. Belgradecats.tk is just there to be a collection.

I can't wait to see more open source RPGs. There are already almost half a dozen.

@malin Et voilà! Deployments And Disasters is now mirrored on belgradecats.tk:


Let the incidents begin!


@antolius My DNS provider was being awful, so it's all moved to ttrpgs.org.

The mirroring will continue as normal.

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