I locked myself out of the UEFI by turning on fast boot, and given that this is a BIOS boot, I can't do `systemctl restart --firmware-setup`. The disk's embedded in the motherboard. Is there any way to resolve this without wiping the disk?

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@malin Given how wildly different UEFI implementations are, best thing I can suggest is referring to the manual for a way to bypass fast boot

@malin The worst thing I can suggest is backing up and then deleting your MBR. Even if you lose the backup, testdisk can usually find the partition tables again :'D

@elfi The manual's no good - I think it presumes info I don't have, but I think I can figure out how to delete an MBR.

If there's nothing to boot, will the UEFI definitely return? I'm mostly just hoping not to brick the system.

@malin I cannot say anything with confidence, especially without knowledge of the hardware, but it should at least try to boot from other mediums, so if you have a live environment on USB you can boot into, that may help

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