I met a Chinese trans woman yesterday, and her opinion on China's social credit system was "It's not a problem if you're not doing anything wrong".

When I asked what she thought about journalists being given a low score due to reporting on politicians, she said "It's not really a problem, since we have a one-party policy anyway".

Fucking terrifying.

@malin I can't tell if you included their gender identity for good or bad reasons...

@voltist I thought it particularly odd for a trans woman, because dictatorships don't have a stellar history of not being awful to trans people. Maybe China's different, but even if it is, it's not safe to have that decision in the hands of a small number of people in politics.

@malin Yeah it is odd. Someone who faces systematic oppression shouldn't be so easy on their state. Maybe China is just inconsistent?

@voltist Inconsistent, as in they're not awful to trans people? Maybe - I'm not familiar with that area. It still seems odd to give them a chance.

@malin This is how they think around it. Same goes for the Great Firewall. I saw a video of a Chinese girl demonstrating it and her attitude was all “It’s a thing. So what?” It reminds me of watching English speakers effortlessly talk their way around words and phrases they don’t have. “I can see my breath” instead of “frostsmoke” (literal translation of the Norwegian noun for it), etc.

@malin What’s more interesting is: Where are our blind spots? In what ways are we brainwashed in ways we can’t even see?

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