Two things are really confusing me about Jitsi video chat:

1. How can it provide this amazing service for free?

2. Why are people paying for money for inferior products, like Zoom?

1. it helps the company that accuiered them (8*8) gain new costumers.

2.zoom is one of the most famous services, it is pretty stable and reliable for the averege user... it doesn't need to set up his own server... both aren't the most private options, jitsi could be self hosted.

I have a basic understanding of 1., but it seems like a serious cost, or it will be if too many people join.

As to 2., I though jitsi was end-to-end encrypted, so it didn't have privacy concerns, even when using the free service.

Is Jitsi less reliable? It doesn't cut out after 40 minutes with an unpaid account, unlike Zoom. It also works in the browser.

Think of it as almost free advertisment, where the user could see what you've got.

you are right but as it is more popular, it has it's own cost

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