I need to set up a fake ticketing system to test if people can do tickets.

Can anyone suggest a ticketing system which is:

- easy to set up.
- easy to reset back to a particular state.
- easy to send in automatic tickets with bash.

I've never used OTRS before, so it might suck. It's easy to set up because these folk have already done it for you:

Easy to set back to any arbitrary state by making a snapshot of a VM or container.

I don't know if it can be automated with bash, but worst case scenario you can use curl to make HTTP POSTs just like a browser would.

I feel weird about using Turnkey in production because if I didn't build it then it's harder for me to fix, also I've found it difficult to update their images beyond the base OS. nevertheless, it's perfect for a temporary testing thing.

@linkz57 Ooft - that's a lot of things in one tool. Looks like it'll do the job though.

Got a maybe-MWE with task-web atm, so hopefully I won't have to jump into the 3,000 tools there, but if I get more server-power, maybe replicating a full company would be possible.

What are you trying to do, making a fake company? Interviewing potential IT folk? Insurance fraud?

I'm making fake companies for testing.

Qualifications have been a *really* poor indicator of performance, so we ask people to just do IT. I break VMs and get people to fix them. I ask people to set up Office-365 trials, and configure it for a 7-user company.

Soon, I'll be making fake tickets for dispatch.

People's ability to perform in fake companies will hopefully be a much better indicator of future performance, as it's a more direct measurement.

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