How's everyone's Corona beard doing?

@malin I thought the beard is directly proportional to the time you spend on the terminal.

@tzycce Sure, and during the plague even the Ubuntu people might get a chance to grow one.

@malin Ah, yes, an excuse for my year-round crazy hermit beard... I mean, coming along nicely!

@OpenComputeDesign @eviloatmeal @malin

I need to trim mine already. Mustache is going right into my mouth. Houston, we've got a problem.

@10X @OpenComputeDesign @eviloatmeal
I found the solution for that one - if you don't like sucking coffee from your own fur, grab a comb, and nestle it into your face-caterpillar, then scissor off whatever's protruding.

@malin Surprisingly more grey than the last time. (Ubuntu derivative user here)

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