I've just found out my embassy are making plans to repatriate those lost in Serbia, and I heard it from a friend who saw it on Facebook.

It's not on their website, nor the blog. Only Facebook.

So apparently UK citizens are required to engage with a criminal and foreign organization in order to get vital safety updates.

I have half a mind to write a strongly worded email, but unfortunately the post office is closed, and the embassy have no email address - only a Facebook page...

@malin I imagine a university course in a century or so around the cycles of stupidity. How much stupid existed in our dispensation than any other period past.

@malin Can you argue that Facebook isn't a a regulated / formal method of governmental communication if they get mad? I'm sure the Queen wouldn't want to be messaged on FB if someone was attacking the Falklands.

It's certainly not regulated by the crown, but I'm afraid I can't argue anything, as that would require a contact, and I'm not making a Twitter account in order to speak with my erstwhile ambassador.

@malin that's fucked up. I hate it when I'm forced to used Facebook.

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