For my birthday, my mum phoned me on Signal, then phoned my sister on Facebook video call, then just yelled at both, because she wanted the family together.

I'm picturing 3,000,000 teachers over the planet, trying to get trigonometry lessons to 30 students each, and I wonder how they're getting on.

@malin I want to see a graph showing Covid-19 cases and Zoom's server costs over time...

@malin As someone who is probably going to have to organise a school-related online activity as a result of covid-19 in the next few days, I can sympathise with those teachers.

@mraxel Start a git!, or a list of some sort, for suggestions.

This is definitely a team exercise.

@malin I was thinking of going through and seeing what I could find.

The downside is everyone really only knows Zoom, but it doesn't look like the best fit for our.... unusual needs.

Zoom requires a download. Jitsi works online without a download, and does group chat.

@malin I will probably be pushing for Jitsi. Used it in the past and liked it... But I guess I'll have to see. It gets painful when the words "Budget" and "Committee" get thrown around. And especially "I've always used <x>".

Well, practicality's king here.
So Zoom's probably fine. But on the other hand, it also sounds fine to push basic practicality problems with Zoom, such as the fact that they're about to be overloaded, and the 40-minute meeting limits.

I'm unsure of the Jitsi limits on time, if you're not self-hosting.

@malin All things to research.

Along with the fact that 1-hour is our average time... 40-mins is just a touch too short.

Well, I got VMs here if you need a hand testing things, and I'm sure the FOSS community at large would be up for testing some solutions out.

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