Adobe Sign: $34 per month, per person.

Apparently that's how much people value not typing 'gpg --sign my_file.odt', because I'm seeing zero benefits to the paid version of this brand new wheel.

@Halbeard @malin contrary to popular belief, windows does have a command line (cmd.exe).

@Moepmoep @malin sure, but it doesn't necessarily have equivalents for unix commands by default

@Halbeard @malin yeah sure. Many gnu utils can be installed though and the default win gpg installation also contains the CLI version.

It's a lot more hassle though, esp because it does not have the convenience of a package manager.

Was really positively surprised about WSL though, so if you do have to work in windows, you have the chance of working with a decent shell and ecosystem. (If the IT allows WSL installs...)

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