One FOSS RPG - finally printed.

... and just like real FOSS projects, it has a really awful name.

I need a FOSS advertising department.

@malin wouldn't that just give aweful names to everything?.. in a professional way of course

@Halbeard @malin It has no recursive acronym, hasn't it?

So it's [probably] good 🤓

@bekopharm @Halbeard OMG I should have thought of that.

END = END's not DnD.

@bekopharm @Halbeard
It's a deal.

Switched name over to 'BIND', as in 'BIND is not D&D'.

@bekopharm I actually took this on. Project's now renamed 'BIND' = 'BIND is not D&D'.


Good luck =) Hope it doesn't crash with the bind server project.

*achievement unlocked: Become an influencer

@Ghosty It's free-as-in-beer... plus the price of your local print-shop.

Just choose 'book' (for printing) or 'report' (for screens), compile, and you're good to go.

@malin I thought you might also sell some printed versions so that ppl have a chance to support your project :)

@Ghosty Like most FOSS projects I see, the most valuable contribution is code and testing.

I'll continue working no matter what the income....
speaking of, I should stop working. It's 8am here :P

@malin Okay :). If you want I could help you to translate the book into German (at some point) :D

Haha! Have a good 'night' :P

@ChrisTalleras It's fallen dead-born from the git-press, but maybe it just needs the right presentation. It's a free-as-in-freedom TRPG.

There's a GM's guide, adventures, and two more similar in the works.

I just renamed the thing BIND.

If you ever want to get involved in a GPL game, it'd be great to get some glamour in there.


Oh my! This is perfect! 😁

I am actually working on a huge libre RPG-setting but as I didn't know any proper libre RPG game I thought I'd just indirectly make it for vanilla D&D.

But maybe I will make it for this game system?

Don't know how to read this git-lab "book" though. Maybe there should be a newb-friendly section after the introduction in this where it tells how to use this?

@ChrisTalleras Sorry, yes - it's definitely lacking in presentation.

One moment - I'll compile one for you.

@malin not a FOSS advertising department per se, but @opensourcedesign might be of some help ?

It was a poorly placed allusion to the fact that combat's quick.

I've decided to rename it BIND, meaning 'BIND is not DnD'. At least now it's unambiguously ambiguous.

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