I've been thinking that working on marketing for libre projects would be awesome!

Is there anyone on the fediverse I could talk to about getting a leg into that industry?

And I'm not talking about just drawings and illustrations but graphics, photoediting and videos, and finally ideas / marketing strategies.

I think I could be a great asset to projects out there.

Please share!

#linux #libre #foss #floss #opensource #libregames #mastoart #art #creative toots



Your're doing the gods' work there.

The external face of proprietary projects is trendy rich people laughing at nothing, and the reality is crapware, several discussions about licencing, and installation headaches.

The libre alternatives are often faster, safter, easier, and go so much farther in terms of a proportional budget. But the only ads they get are people like me speaking slowly into a crapy mic and talking about RAM usage, and I can see why people feel put off.

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