Curation: When a platform removes bigotry, porn, or maybe just 'fried eggs', because users don't want it.

Censorship: When someone removes content from everywhere, because they don't want users to see it.

I feel this needs cleared up, as some people think Mastodon has censorship, and some others think that zero-censorship means everyone has to put up with fried eggs, or whatever.

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@malin Removing bigotry is not censorship? Removing a users post about them saying Apple is respecting users privacy is not censorship and wrong then?

@hund @malin

I don't disagree with the gist of what you're saying but I'm feeling pedantic about the use of the word "curation".

Curation is something you do beforehand, in order to present a specific selection of content.

It's not something you do reactively in order to remove objectionable content.

I think the appropriate word is "moderation" or "to moderate".

@hund @malin

Sorry, I'm replying to the original post (if that's not clear).

@hund When one group removes something, because it's deemed 'bigotry', or for any other reason, so people can't see it, that's censorship.

Users joining a sub-space because they want posts about Apple removed is curation, or 'moderation', as @jcbrand suggested.

Mastodon has ever level of moderation you can name, but it seems important to note that there is zero censorship.

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